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Bang & Olufsen Service Call: Pearl Valley 28 February 2014

We have many clients in Pearl Valley Golf Estate. Most of whom have various different Bang & Olufsen installations.
We were called out by a client that needed us to connect their Bang & Olufsen equipment to the LexNet system that is installed in their home.

We ordered the required CAT7 patch cables that link rooms together. These allow either Masterlink or Powerlink signals to be carried to various outlet wall-plates in different areas of the house.

Close up of CAT7 Patch Cables

Close up of CAT7 Patch Cables

LexNet Patch Bays

LexNet Patch Bays










Once the patching of the various rooms had been completed we found that the Audio in the dining room was not working correctly.

After tracing back all the cables to their respective points we established that the IR cable from the BeoLink IR eye had been damaged and incorrectly repaired.

Incorrectly connected BeoLink IR cable

Incorrectly connected BeoLink IR cable

We repaired it correctly and tested to find that all areas of the house were working and sounding good.

Crestron Remote Control Ellerman House


Ellerman House is a completely integrated project, with all control taking place via choice of Remote Control, on wall Touch Panel or iPad control.

Crestron Remote Ellerman House 002

The remote control that has been used is the Crestron MLX-3 remote control. (seen above)

This remote control also triggers the ad notam Mirror Television and controls the Digital Media system that provides picture to the television.

If you would like a solution like this, please get in contact on our Contact Us page. We look forward to discussing a solution to your requests.

Crestron – Know it works

ISE – Integrated Systems Europe has just finished for this year.

This image caught our attention while we were keeping up to date with what was happening during the show.

Crestron at ISE 2014 Med Res

Don’t hope it works. Know it works

This is very fitting and a good reason to trust Crestron Electronics for our installations. We don’t have to hope that the installation works. With the correct planning and testing we can guarantee that the installation will work perfectly.

“Don’t hope it works. Know it works”

Crestron Electronics offer great support internationally, which we have experienced ourselves. When working on a professional installation, this sort of back up service is reassuring for both clients and for us as professional audio video installers.