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Telkom Fibre Rollout Constantia

Telkom Fibre is being installed in Constantia

Speed Test Result

The possibilities: Fibre Speed Test Result

While visiting a client in Constantia earlier today, we could not help but notice a collection of Telkom trucks at the exchange on Rathfelder Avenue. Intrigued as to why so many of them were gathered together we stopped to have a chat to them.
The head technician explained to us that they were switching from the old copper exchange to the new fibre exchange.

Ubiquity Wireless Access Point Installation 28 September 2014

A quick weekend installation.

We quickly went out to install a Ubiquity Wireless Access Point into a house in Durbanville.
This is a simple installation that increased the WiFi reception across the whole house.

Ubiquity Wireless Access Point

Ubiquity Wireless Access Point

If you would like a quotation for this solution for your house, get in contact with us.
We would be happy to find the right solution for you.

Working with Recommended Wiring Guidelines

Specifying the correct infrastructure for a new property is very important.
Our approach to this is very simple:

Recommended Wiring Guidelines

We start by opening the plans and ensuring that our knowledge with regards to the recommended wiring guidelines that are prescribed by CEDIA are up to date.

Before and After equipment cabinet service

Equipment cabinet service

As summer approaches it is worth while to consider having your audio video system serviced.

During the year dust builds up on all electronic components and this is the perfect opportunity to have our technicians visit you to ensure that this is tidied correctly.
It is also a good idea to have the system checked to make sure that everything is working correctly before your guests that you plan entertaining arrive.