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Marantz Surround Sound Installation – Bantry Bay – 30 October 2015

We were asked to install a new surround sounds system for a client in Bantry Bay. He has a small holiday apartment, but had recently been struggling with controlling the equipment which is installed in the adjacent room. Besides the surround sound installation, we had the perfect solution for his control issues.

Mirror Edge Networks - Bantry Bay 107

As we were taking this installation over from another company, this is what we were greeted with to start with. Not too bad, but there were redundant cables that we could remove and replace with new better performing cabling.

Television installation – Bantry Bay – 1 October 2015

The age of Ultra High Definition televisions is upon us. We were recently contacted by a client in Bantry Bay to install a Samsung 75″ Ultra High Definition television for her.

At this stage the installation is simply for the following video devices:

  • Deukom decoder
  • DSTV decoder
  • Bluray DVD player

These video devices will be played through the television. However we will be designing a custom ODE floating television panel for her so that the television can be wall mounted instead of being installed onto her existing television cabinet. As with all new flat screen televisions, we recommend to add additional speakers as the audio from the television can often get lost in larger rooms like this. The room that this television is installed into is an open plan television room to the kitchen and dining room. For this reason we recommend at least a television soundbar as well as left and right speakers, which may be floor standing speakers.

It is quite an honour for us to carry out this television installation, our first Samsung 75″ Ultra High Definition television installation.