Telkom have been upgrading the infrastructure across the Western Cape over the past few months. Last year we posted about the Fibre Upgrade in Constantia.
Telkom are now carrying out the final installation in Bishops Court. This would be the installation from the newly upgraded Fibre Exchanges into the home.

Bishops Court Fibre 004

We do not have final details yet of which lines are available, but we do know that the biggest offering available is 100Mb, with a 20Mb available too.

Of course the speed of the internal network of your home still makes a big difference with regards to end use, this is what to expect over a good quality wifi network.
Internet connection of this speed is suitable for many online streaming applications including Movie watching and Music services.
Last year we posted an article on our blog with more information about the benefits of Fibre. It can her read here:

The Power of Fibre

With a stable connection like this, offsite security monitoring is also possible. With requests to view security cameras over the internet already being asked.

If you would like to know more about having a Fibre Connection installed into your home in Bishops Court, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.