Installation: ODE Floating Television Unit

When it comes to ensuring we deliver a high quality, professional installations for our clients. Choosing the correct products to work with is as important as the planning and installation itself.

We were approached to install and ODE Floating Television Unit for a client of ours in Camps Bay. The Television had been installed on a small table which had been placed against the wall. With an adjacent pedestal that the DSTV decoder and DVD player had been placed on.

Television placed on Small Table

Television placed on Small Table

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 7 Television

Bang & Olufsen Installation – Constantia House

When we were contacted by our client to move his entire Bang & Olufsen installation from his house in Newlands to his new house in Constantia, we were reminded of the original installation. The original installation took place in December with the holiday rush looming and shipping delays as usual during that time of the year, the installation schedule was always going to be tight.

Joyfully with this installation there was a window period which we were able to work with. Between moving the televisions out of the old house and the clients moving into the new house was 5 weeks. This left us with the perfect opportunity to make sure that the entire project was up to the professional standards that we pride ourselves with.

Before Dismantling

Firstly we had to get one last photo of the completely installed Bang & Olufsen installation before carefully disassembling the entire system, bubble wrapping all items for transportation and taking the BeoVision 7 away for a service and clean.

Introducing the Winkbox – ODE Floating charging station

With our collection of devices that we use daily, the need to charge them has become ever more important.

Enter the Winkbox from ODE.

These simple floating shelves have a built in power plug for connecting all your electronic devices chargers. Tidying up the clutter of cables ordinarily associated with that area of your room where you leave everything to charge.

Below is a news article from March 2010 about the launch of the ODE Winkbox.

ODE Newspaper article 001

The installation and connection of the Winkbox is quick and easy.

Head over to our: Contact us page if you would like to know more information about the Winkbox or a demonstration in your own home.

Mirror Edge Networks, an introduction

Many years ago, while delivering a Bang & Olufsen television to a client. The interior designer on the project exclaimed. Imagine if we could integrate the floor standing mirror and the television? Suddenly this was an idea that I was genuinely interested in.

Imagine a television hidden in a mirror. Research began but soon feedback from colleagues was that ad notam was the company to speak to.
After discussions, we have been appointed as the official representative for South Africa, we are pleased that ad notam is here to stay. There are many exciting developments lined up in the forthcoming months.

While we love Mirror Televisions. That is not the only line of our business. We also focus on Audio and Video distribution. With our backgrounds of dealing with other high end Audio and Video companies, as well as the close working relationships that we have with leading companies in the field. You can rest assured that dealing with us will result in high quality service delivery.