Cedia 2014 has just finished in Denver.
This is a short review of some Crestron products that have caught our attention.

Notably Crestron continue to maintain a position as a market leader for Home Automation and Control Systems.

(You may know that we enjoy working with Crestron and are particularly proud of the whole house video distribution system that we completed earlier this year, featuring Crestron CP3 with numerous Crestron MLX3 remote controls)

Crestron Pyng

Crestron Pyng

From Cedia 2014.
A few highlights this year that caught our attention are:

  • Crestron Pyng
  • New Remote Controls HR100 & HR150
  • Crestron 4K Distribution Amplifiers. (up to 1 in, 8 out)
  • Digital Media Lab – Technicians demonstrating the complexities of Crestron Digital Media
  • Crestron PinPoint – Localisation beacons that know where you are and activate your app (iPad or iPhone) to the appropriate room for easier control
  • New Crestron Shades motors. Installations are now possible in 3″ recess in comparison to the previously only being possible in a  5″ recess.

Introducing Crestron Pyng.

Crestron Pyng is a new platform for automation control from Crestron.
Pyng is an app that takes care of the control of your Crestron home system. Programming of the control system can take place directly from the Pyng app downloaded to your iPad.
Services that Pyng can control include:

  • Lighting Control
  • Shading Control
  • Air Conditioning Control
  • Security Sensors
  • Smart Locks
Crestron Pyng

Crestron Pyng

If you would like more information head over to our article about: Crestron Pyng

The next exciting news from Cedia 2014 is the announcement of the new Remote Controls

The full range of Crestron Remotes

The full range of Crestron Remotes

The summary of the remote controls is:

  • New colour option for MLX3 – Matte Black finish
  • HR100 Remote Control & HR150 Remote Control – Button only remote controls

HR100 and HR150 remote controls don’t include the traditional screens and thus the power consumption is reduced.
Battery life is quoted as over a year with traditional daily use.

These remotes are perfect for smaller installations where the full features of an MLX3 or larger remote control are not required.
More information can be found in our post: New Crestron Remotes Controls

A full walkthrough of the Crestron booth can be watched below:

If you would like any information about any of the new Crestron products or would like a solution designed for you, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss this.