Our installation today was a range of different ODE furniture for a client here in Cape Town.

The installation included:

  • Floating desk with wall boxes and shelves for the home office
  • Floating desk with drawers for the master bedroom
  • Floating headboard with floating bedside pedestals
  • Winkbox charging station with floating shelf.

Cape Town House ODE Installation 001

The floating desk caters for all the requirements for a home office. Enough storage space in the three pull out drawers. A floating shelf to the side of the desk, where a printer is located. Floating wall boxes for files and any other documentation (as well as a some decorations, like small plants). The floating shelf above the desk will be used to decorate the room, with some tasteful art.

The floating desk is perfect for this loft style apartment for any day to day necessities, without needing to have a floor standing desk.

Floating Headboard & Pedestals 009

The floating headboards from ODE can be ordered with integrated headboards. These are great if you would like to keep the installation neat and tidy without having to drill too many extra holes into the wall.

The winkbox is a charging station that allows you to hide all the cabling inside the wall mounted shelf. A great way to keep all modern gadgets charged up and in one convenient place.

If you would like these floating furniture solutions for your home, get in contact with me. I would be happy to help design a solution for you.