In the centre of our installation in Camps Bay lies a high definition video distribution backbone.

We are implementing a technology called HDBaseT. This technology allows us to distribute high definition video content over a CAT6 cable that is installed to each television.
In our equipment rack, we will be installing an HD Matrix, a description for an HD Matrix would be:

“A video switching device that receives high definition input connections in, which has the ability to output the input signals to one or many high definition outputs.”

CYP HDBaseT matrix 

In our installation the outputs are directly over CAT6. Then in each room a converter changes the CAT6 cable into a normal HDMI cable.

This type of installation allows us great flexibility to listen to any sources that have an HDMI output. In this installation we will have:

  • 2 x Apple TV
  • 2 x DSTV Explora Decoders
  • 1 x Camera CCTV DVR

We have 3 spare inputs that can be used in future for extra Explora Decoders or another device like an Amazon Fire or something similar.

Today the team were onsite installing the cabling for this to each room of the house. Each television point receives a CAT6 cable for internet connectivity too.

HD Cabling installation 135

For more information about this type of installation please get in contact we would be happy to answer your questions for you.