Todays installation was floating shelves and a floating wall box that is going to become the updated television location for a lounge in Somerset West.

Somersetwest Installation 002

Upon arrival we found our client has marked out on the wall where they would like the floating furniture to be installed. This made marking and measuring the installation much easier.

Somersetwest Installation 003

We started with the bottom shelf, which would help with the measurements for aligning the floating box and higher floating shelves.

Somersetwest Installation 004

We then moved onto the floating shelves. The bracket back panel makes installation quick and tidy.

Somersetwest Installation 009Once all three floating shelves were installed it was time for the floating box.

Due to the well built walls and our clients having a good idea of where they wanted the different items of floating furniture to be installed, the installation took us just over 1hour to complete.

If you would like a similar solution for your lounge, get in contact with me. I would be happy to help.