The waterfront project that we are involved in is quite comprehensive. Two adjacent apartments are going to be made into one 3 bedroom apartment. With doing so, there is quite an extensive amount of demolition that is going to take place. Today was our first visit to site, we are going to be having weekly site visits to discuss schedules and all parties progress as the timeline for this is very short.

This is what we were greeted by when we arrived at the apartment:

Mirror Edge Networks - Waterfront Marina 035

Mirror Edge Networks - Waterfront Marina 036

All existing conduits and air-conditioning needs to be removed before the electricians can start installing conduits for our requirements as well as for the home automation that is going to be taking place in this apartment.

We will post a more detailed list of what going to be included in the audio video system as well as the automation system once our client has made final decisions regarding both aspects of the renovation.