Our visit this morning to the Waterfront Marina shows tremendous progress in comparison to last week. Almost all the conduits and air-con ducting have been removed. Leaving a clean palette for the electricians to start installing new conduits and new electrical cabling.

Mirror Edge Networks - Waterfront 083If you would like to know why the smoke detectors have been left installed, the Waterfront apartments have be a connected fire alarm system that monitors all the apartments. This avoids apartments requiring their own separate fire detection system. This would have been tied into the automation system, but is now not required.

Mirror Edge Networks - Waterfront 082

Separate plugs at inconsistent heights will be a thing of the past in this apartment as all plugs and data sockets are going to be Gira. Tied into a Gira Home server that will control lights, underfloor heating and air-conditioning.

Mirror Edge Networks - Waterfront 084

We are quite confident that by the end of this project the installation of all wall mounted electrics will be far neater than currently.