In any cinema you need somewhere to sit, this cinema is no different. With a three tier Home Cinema Staging from entrance down to floor level.

Work starts on the Home Cinema Staging as a standard decking construction. Although not much weight will be placed on top of these different tiers, they need have a solid construction to ensure that they don’t rattle or shake apart while our clients are watching an earth shaking scene in their favourite action movie.

Franschhoek Cinema 018

As we are working with standard shutter-ply boards for the decking, we build the centre structure to the same size as two sheets of shutter-ply.

Franschhoek Cinema Decking 002

The stairs are built from a smaller size of framing. These have corner steps included for the centre of the staging.

Franschhoek Cinema 019

All cabling is installed beneath the decking for foot lights and plugs. The cinema may include motorised reclining seats, so this electrical provision is very important.

The next stage of the staging construction is the installation of a high density mineral fibre insulation. For this staging we used 64km/m^3 density mineral fibre from Isover. This reduces any noises created while walking across the decking. The mineral fibre has a high absorption factor for low frequency sound waves in the room.

Franschhoek Cinema 020

Once all the cabling and mineral fibre has been installed the shutter-ply boards are glued and screwed to the staging frame. This creates a solid staging deck.

Staging construction takes a total of two days to complete to make sure that it is stable enough to support anything that may be installed in the cinema at a later date.