• V&A Waterfront Marina Bang & Olufsen service


Bang & Olufsen Waterfront, the service that we recently carried out in this stunning Silo Apartment.

We were recently contacted by one of my clients who expressed to us that the audio in his apartment was not sounding very full. The audio was hollow and not enjoyable to listen to.
Upon investigating the installation we made recommendations about relocating his BeoLab 3 speakers and adding in a subwoofer to compliment their audio.

This led to us carrying out the installation of a new Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 2 floor-standing subwoofer in this stunning Waterfront Silo apartment and of course relocating the BeoLab 3 speakers as discussed.

The installation and service call carried out to this apartment was to optimise the sound in this stunning space. Our client can now sit back and enjoy the ever changing view of the Cape Town Waterfront from his apartment, while listening to a well balanced and typical Bang & Olufsen sound.
The basis of the service call was to relocate the BeoLab 3 wall mounted speakers from within the bulkhead running along the apartment to in-front of the bulkhead. In an unfortunate turn of events, the previous location of the speakers was trapping the bass frequencies of the BeoLab 3 speakers, leaving the sound hollow.
Our choice to bring the speaker forward from the bulkhead and angle them down more transformed this sound and filled up the room with a better bass response. The addition of the BeoLab 2 subwoofer rounds out the bass response within this apartment ensuring the sound is the type of Bang & Olufsen sound that one would expect from this high quality hifi system.

Other services carried out on this Bang & Olufsen installation included:

  • Checking television settings including:
    • Picture profiles
    • Audio profiles
    • Error codes
    • Speaker configuration
    • Input configuration
  • Checking all cabling and connectors to ensure all seated correctly and functioning correctly.
  • Tidying up any extra cabling to ensure neat, efficient installation
  • Checking all mounted equipment secure

Overall the service and additional installation to this Bang & Olufsen system was a complete success and our client is really happy with the outcome of our hard work on site.

If you require service of your Bang & Olufsen system, head through to our Contact Us page and submit a contact request for us to get in contact with you.

Date: November 14, 2019
Tags: Bang and Olufsen, Installations, Service and Maintenance