A unique V&A Waterfront Marina TV installation by Mirror Edge Networks

We are very fortunate to have been contacted by an interior designer to carry out the installation of an easy to use television system for a Waterfront Marina project.
The brief overview was to have 3 televisions in the apartment; Lounge, Study and Master Bedroom. With the ability to play DSTV, DVD player and Apple TV throughout.
Where possible a simple and easy to use remote control should be proposed.

With the brief in mind we decided to design a compact equipment cabinet that would be the location for 2 DSTV decoders, a DVD player and an Apple TV.
Into this cabinet we would install a CYP video matrix (HDMI in and CAT6 out to each tv) and a Crestron processor. This would mean that all television equipment would be located in a single well ventilated cabinet.

In the lounge we would also install a network cabinet where we install the router for the apartment, network switch, wifi antenna and cabling to each of the rooms of the apartment.

We worked alongside Ground Floor Projects to install cabling to their Gira wall boxes in each room.
We also installed the Gira home server into our equipment cabinet. The Gira home server is the central control processor for the Gira home automation system.
The Gira home automation system controls the lighting (LED strips, downlights and under counter lights) under floor heating and air-conditioning.

As Samsung televisions are quite popular with our clients we recommended these televisions. We installed a 55″ television in each room and use a Crestron HR150 remote control to control them.
The Crestron remote controls carry out the following functions in each of the rooms:

  • Switch on and off the televisions
  • Switch the tv’s to the correct source (DSTV / DVD player / Apple TV)
  • Control the volume on each of the televisions
  • Change channel on the DSTV decoders
  • Control the DVD player (Fast Forward, play, pause, etc)
  • Control the Apple TV

It was a great opportunity to work alongside the various parties involved in this project and we certainly look forward to working with them again soon.

If you would like to discuss a solution like this for your home, complete the contact form on our Contact Page and we will get back to you to take the conversation further.

Professional photography of this installation by Jon-Erik Munro Photography

Date: March 15, 2016
Tags: Installations