We received a call from one of our clients to say that they needed a satellite dish service call. The satellite reception was breaking up constantly. They also told us that their decoder kept on rebooting.

When we arrived we suspected that the decoder had gone faulty due to the constant power cuts from Eskom, but got to work with relocating the satellite dish to start with.

Satellite Dish Service Call 005


Once we had moved the satellite dish and run new cabling we booted up the decoder and checked to see that all was working well. We waited for just over an hour to see if the rebooting problem occurred again. Our client told us that it had stopped happening. It seems that the trees which were blocking the reception for the satellite dish were causing the decoder to reboot. With little to no signal the decoder was restarting to search for signal.

At the same time of moving the dish, we replaced the LNB as the existing one had been installed over 4 years ago. This will help ensure the longevity of the new installation of the dish.
Once again, a quick service call and moving the dish to a more suitable location was all it took to resolve this DSTV issue.