We have started our third Deukom installation for today, this installation is taking place in Clifton.

As this installation is more complex than a normal installation and requires additional work to be carried out for our client, we will be finishing up the project next week.

More information will follow in a later blog post about the installation and what we have done for our client.

For today though, we have mounted the satellite dish on the roof and lined it up, ready for cabling installation to take place. We have used a twin LNB in this installation as we will be installing two Deukom decoders for our client.


Mirror Edge Networks - Deukom Installation-4

We will be installing the cabling on the roof into 20mm pvc conduit piping and 16x25mm trunking, this is to ensure that the cable has a long lifespan as it will be outside. The type of satellite cable that we use is rated for outdoor installation, but a little bit of extra care for the cables is always best for the installation.

As you can see this house has a stunning view from Clifton with the mountains behind Camps Bay clearly visible.

On a technical note, as the dish has been installed onto the roof of the house, future serviceability and access is easy.