While visiting a client recently we noticed that the installation that has been done in the house is very segregated and not very intuitive.

We have been looking at the plans and are going to suggest some changes to the existing installation. The audio video installation is not bad, but there are better ways that the installation can be implemented.

Architectural Plans

Architectural Plans

Currently the installation is as follows:

  • Samsung Television
  • Two High Definition DSTV Decoders
  • Blu Ray DVD Player
  • Apple TV
  • Separate Bang & Olufsen Audio System
Television Lounge:
  • Samsung Television
  • DSTV Decoder
  • Two Blu Ray DVD Players
  • Apple TV
  • Denon Audio Video Receiver
  • Control 4 system
Kids Playroom:
  • Samsung Television
  • Apple TV
  • Second Leg RF feed from DSTV Decoders in Lounge

To simplify the system, our suggestions are as follows:

  • Upgrade control system to Crestron. (This is our control system preference)
  • Introduce video matrix. Four inputs / Four outputs:
    • Two DSTV Decoders
    • Media Player
    • Apple TV
  • Relocate DVD players. (Lounge, TV Lounge, Kids Play Room)
  • Introduce Audio Video Receiver to Lounge.
    • Surround sound capabilities for TV viewing.
    • Stereo for music from BeoSound Audio system.
    • (Additional Zone 2 output for future addition of speakers on the outside deck)

This upgrade will give our client the flexibility to watch all video sources in every room of the house.
It will also reduce the amount of equipment installed. Also removing the cost of the additional DSTV subscription.
Most importantly the introduction of a single remote in each of the rooms makes the system far easier to use and appreciate.

We will give you some feedback on the upgrade once we have finalised the solution for our client.