Our television installations often require a special or different approach. As South African’s we generally like a good view from our lounge, or our traditional television viewing environment requires a unique solution. This television room in Camps Bay is no different, which requires one of our usual custom television panel designs.

Our approach to dealing with the television installation in this room is to have floating shelves mounted onto a television panel. This will give us enough space to located the kids computer games in this room. They include:

  • Playstation
  • Xbox
  • Nintendo Wii

As well as additional electronics like: The amplifier that powers the speakers in this room and switches the video between all the games consoles.
The Apple TV that is installed into this room, and lastly the DSTV feed that is sent down to the kids playroom from a Video Matrix and Crestron system installed into the house.

The television panel will be simple in design, a 2.7m wide television panel, with a height of 1.6m and a depth of 50mm. The depth behind the television panel in this installation will be especially useful for cable management. The cabling requirements in this room are 7 HDM cables that link between the various games consoles, video devices and the television. As well as the network cables that link everything together so that all games consoles can be played online. A wifi access point and Crestron gateway will also be installed onto the shelves of this television unit.

Floating television unit shelf dimensions

Floating television unit shelf dimensions

For the shelves on this floating television unit, we have tried to keep them as small as possible with as little gap between them as possible too. The total width of each of the shelves will be 60cm, with a depth of just 30cm. We have calculated that this size of the shelves is large enough for all the games consoles and amplifiers to be installed onto the shelves.