As you may know, some of our television installations require a little more special consideration. This could include completely designing a television unit for our installation. This installation is no different.

What started as a concept, with blue painters tape applied to a wall on the 1st of December 2015 (Blog Post here)

And with some drawings that we submitted to our supplier:

Has finally arrived and been delivered to our clients house:

It is finally time to start this installation. Previously the television was mounted onto this room’s drywall front wall. The reason for the drywall was to accomodate the television and hide all the cabling required to supply the television. However, as the audio video system in this house has developed and grown over the past few months has grown, so has the need to mount and install additional audio video related products. In this instance, its the Playstation, XBox and Nintendo Wii.

The first part of the installation has been completed, that is mounting the back panel onto the wall and ensuring that it is level. Next on the installation is mounting the left side shelves and making sure that the cable management holes are large enough for our HDMI, Network and Power Cables to be installed.

Once the shelves are installed and levelled, we can measure the location for the television to be mounted. Ensuring that it is also high enough for the cabinet that is installed into the room beneath the television.

The completed installation is neat and tidy, allowing far better cable management than just relying on the drywall cavity.

The floating shelves on the left of the television now have enough space to cater for the toys in this kids play room, namely:

  • Xbox
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Playstation

We have catered for the floating shelves to accomodate a network switch, ensuring that all games consoles can receive suitable network connection. The top shelf will be used for a surround sound AVR that will amplify a soundbar and left & right speakers for the television.

This is a stunning solution for any games room where all games consoles need to be on display, we are really proud of the way this installation turned out.