tonight will focus on:

“76% of homeowners said they wouldn’t know who to look for to install a Smart Home”

This statistic has been generated by Honeywell in a recent survey they carried out regarding smart homes of the future. Available on their site: Survey Results

Last night during our weekly Smart Home Hour tweetup we discussed this staggering statistic. Answers are given by colleagues involved in the LiveInstall industry all over the world. So most of these views are not from South Africa. This doesn’t effect the fact that Smart Homes are actively being installed in South Africa and we are doing our best promote our services and our industry.

The report also states:
  • 68% of UK home owners are aware of Smart Homes.
  • 47% are interested in owning a Smart Home

It is important to note that the UK are leading the way and dictating where Home technology is going. We are following developments there as Smart Homes are very prevalent here in South Africa too.

Import points of conversation where:
  • Client awareness is important. As well as training on what a Smart Home is and what can be done with one.
  • Retail Showrooms that are actively able to demonstrate a Smart Home installation are important. (We will be posting more about this soon)
  • Pricing needs to be explained. Smart Homes don’t need to be expensive.
  • Correct planning for Smart Homes needs to be considered. This means involving Architects and Interior Designers.
  • Smart Home information needs to be readily available online. (We will keep posting our latest projects that we are involved in for your convenience)
  • International brands that are directly affiliated with Smart Home Technologies are getting on board. With this in mind, support is going to be offered, you don’t need to feel worried and concerned that a Smart Home will become a burden if there are any parts of it that fail.
The major outcome which we agreed upon is that there are 3 Major areas to target:

Consumer, Architect and Developer

We are going to continue actively speaking to Architects Builders Interior Designers to help plan for Smart Homes in South Africa.

If you are considering upgrading your home to be a Smart Home and would like more information about what a Smart Home is all about, please get in Contact with us.