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Introducing Sonos Arc! The Premium Soundbar


Introducing Sonos Arc

Introducing Sonos Arc! The Premium Soundbar

Sonos Arc! The Premium Soundbar


Introducing Sonos Arc, the premium smart soundbar

Arc represents Sonos’ most immersive home theatre experience. With smart, adaptable, cinema-quality sound, support for Dolby Atmos, and multiple voice assistants, Arc sets a new standard for premium home theatre sound.

Understanding DSTV High Definition Expansion

DSTV have announced that they are expanding their High Definition offering.
This is an introduction to the changes in the DSTV High Definition offering.

To understand this we have summarised it as follows:

Each DSTV package has access to different channels. To date, each package contains channels which are available in Standard Definition, as well as High Definition. If you are using a High Definition decoder connected to a High Definition television you will have access to the High Definition channels which are offered on your package.


Smart Home Hour 05 August 2014

tonight will focus on:

“76% of homeowners said they wouldn’t know who to look for to install a Smart Home”

This statistic has been generated by Honeywell in a recent survey they carried out regarding smart homes of the future. Available on their site: Survey Results

Last night during our weekly Smart Home Hour tweetup we discussed this staggering statistic. Answers are given by colleagues involved in the LiveInstall industry all over the world. So most of these views are not from South Africa. This doesn’t effect the fact that Smart Homes are actively being installed in South Africa and we are doing our best promote our services and our industry.

Smart Home Hour 15 July 2014

Last night we took part in the weekly #SmartHomeHour Tweetup. This initiative was started by #LiveInstall, which is run by Kris Gamble. Smart Home Hour is an opportunity for professional audio video installation companies to discuss the technologies that have been raised as issues or requirements for modern smart homes.