A good networks starts with the correct structure. Its not surprise that we are quite fond of using Draytek routers and suitable network switches.

Correct Network 004

The correct configuration of a network is very important in any modern home. Making sure that all devices that you need in day to day life have a suitable internet connection. It is always the best practice to ensure that where possible fixed network connections can be made this requires all cabling to connect into Network Switches. Some of the devices that have network connections in a modern home include:

  • Laptop or Desktop computer
  • Printers
  • Televisions
  • DSTV Decoders (Set Top Boxes)
  • Home Theatre Audio Video Receiver
  • Telephone (VOIP Applications)
  • Airmedia devices (Apple TV, Slingbox)
  • Air Conditioning (cooling)
  • Central Heating
  • IP Cameras and Camera DVR’s
  •  Fridges
  • Washing Machines

Planning the connection of all these devices and correctly configuring the network is very important.

If you have any questions about this, get in contact with us so that we can offer our assistance.