All HDMI cables are the same, right?

Kordz HDMI Head

We were introduced to Kordz HDMI cables when collecting some CYP stock from Sphere Custom. At the time, we were busy on a video distribution project and were planning to collect some HDMI cables from our usual supplier. Christiaan recommended that we try the Kordz cables because they would be better for us to install.

Kordz Cables carry Lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects

This was certainly the case, all the HDMI connectors are engineered to the highest specifications ensuring a tight fit within the devices that you are connecting to.

Kordz Pro Wireframe

Kordz Pro Wireframe

If we want to get into the technicalities, the team at Kordz are always ready to offer us the technical assistance including specifications and drawings of any of their products.

Kordz cables are also available in various different lengths.

There are various different types of Kordz cables designed and engineered for different purposes. We usually use the Pro HDMI cables for connecting devices to each other (DSTV Decoder to Television or AVR etc), but Kordz have recently announced and launched R.3.

R.3 HDMI Cables

R3 Cable LengthsR.3 HDMI Cables are designed for use and installation into systems racks. With that in mind their cable lengths are shorter than normal. The cable lengths that we use most often are:

  • 0.3m
  • 0.6m
  • 0.9m
  • 1.2m
  • 1.5m
  • 1.8m
Kordz HDMI Cables in one of our Rack Installations

Kordz HDMI Cables in one of our Rack Installations

All Kordz cables carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. That is great peace of mind when we have been onsite and replaced poor quality HDMI cables that fell apart when we unplugged them from the source equipment that they were plugged into.

Why we use Kordz

Poor quality HDMI cable we removed from an installation.

We stand by our choice to use Kordz HDMI cables. You can guarantee that we are going to be using them on your installation.

If you would like to know more information about Kordz or would like to upgrade your installation, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.