Telkom Fibre is being installed in Constantia

Speed Test Result

The possibilities: Fibre Speed Test Result

While visiting a client in Constantia earlier today, we could not help but notice a collection of Telkom trucks at the exchange on Rathfelder Avenue. Intrigued as to why so many of them were gathered together we stopped to have a chat to them.
The head technician explained to us that they were switching from the old copper exchange to the new fibre exchange.

Old Copper Exchange Constantia

Old Copper Exchange Constantia

We were quite lucky to see them on the day that they were moving the lines over from the old exchange to the new fibre exchange. He explained that the initail rollout will offer clients in the area access to 10mb ADSL connections.

The intention is that within the next 6 to 12 months clients will be able to receive 20mb ADSL connections. As far as the plan has been explained, the existing copper to the home will remain in place, with the infrastructure being upgraded first. It is still unclear at this point in time whether Fibre to the Home (FTTH) is going to be implemented, but it is great to see that a new exchange has been installed to accommodate  the new Fibre infrastructure.

It is quite clear to see that Telkom have also increased their quality of installation within the exchange. The new exchange looks pristine inside, its easy to identify where the wiring is installed and where its patched to.

The new speeds that our clients in the area will be able to use is going to be great for streaming of high quality media content.
This is very exciting, the possibilities are great!

Thanks Telkom!