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Telkom Fibre Rollout Constantia

Telkom Fibre is being installed in Constantia

Speed Test Result

The possibilities: Fibre Speed Test Result

While visiting a client in Constantia earlier today, we could not help but notice a collection of Telkom trucks at the exchange on Rathfelder Avenue. Intrigued as to why so many of them were gathered together we stopped to have a chat to them.
The head technician explained to us that they were switching from the old copper exchange to the new fibre exchange.

Speed Test Result

The power of Fibre

High quality Audio Video content is becoming readily available online. This is great for our entertainment, but how does our internet bandwidth restrict us from viewing this content?

I have recently posted about the 5 Benefits of Fibre Broadband in Clifton. We are currently able to offer high speed broadband internet as well as DSTV over IP. This means that residents of Clifton are finally able to access High Definition DSTV. Something previously unavailable.

5 Benefits of Fibre Broadband in Clifton

It is great to know that Fibre broadband in Clifton is available! I would like to highlight some of the benefits of moving over to this new type of internet solution.

  • High speed internet. Speeds of up to 10 Megabits per second are readily available.
  • Reliable internet connections. As the fibre is well insulated and not copper or any other type of metal, there is no interference. Creating reliable connections to the internet.
  • The ability to access security systems from other locations. Remote camera monitoring is possible as there is more data available for good quality picture from CCTV cameras.
  • Streaming of televisions series and movies is possible. It is now possible to start buying shows on devices like Apple TV.
  • It is possible to have DSTV delivered over fibre. This does away with the previously required satellite dish on the roof. With this in mind, High Definition DSTV is finally available in Clifton.

If you would like more information about these systems, or would like to move over to this type of system, please contact us and we will be happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements.

Fibre Broadband in Clifton

What is possible: Fibre Broadband in Clifton

Speed Test Result

Fibre Installation

A Fibre installation in your home is the way of the future. To view most content that is available online, a high speed internet connection is becoming increasingly more important.

Most online video viewing platforms are offering video in high definition, to make sure that you receive the benefit of these service a high speed internet connection is highly recommended.

We have recently completed the upgrade of a clients Clifton apartment to include a Fibre line from Smart Village. This system caters for DSTV over IP (a system that only they offer in Cape Town currently) as well as Fibre Broadband. This is a brief introduction to the project and what the installation required.