Specifying the correct infrastructure for a new property is very important.
Our approach to this is very simple:

Recommended Wiring Guidelines

We start by opening the plans and ensuring that our knowledge with regards to the recommended wiring guidelines that are prescribed by CEDIA are up to date.

We have been working on the plans for a few of our upcoming projects. This means considering what type of equipment is going to be installed into a house and what conduits these will require for the installation to take place. The recommended wiring guidelines which have been outlined by CEDIA describe these specifications.

Architectural Plans

Architectural Plans

The process starts with the receiving the specification from the architect describing what they feel their client would like.

We then offer our advice and expertise considering the feedback that we receive from our clients. This would include what technology they use and if it works correctly the first time it is installed or if there are any changes that happen after the installation.

Then we draw in the specified equipment onto the plans and check to see if the equipment installation would be possible.
This stage considers, but is not limited to the following:

  • WiFi coverage from WiFi Access Points
  • Audio coverage from speakers
  • Television sizes and their recommended viewing distances

Once we are happy with the specified points, we hand the plans over to the technical drawings team to insert into CAD or overlay on the PDF’s.

Labelling points on Plans

Labelling points on Plans

Once these specifications have been approved by the architect we can issue the correct documentation to the installation team and they can ensure that the correct conduit installation is carried out by the electrician on site.

Most of our work currently is consulting on these types of projects and ensuring that the correct infrastructure is specified so that any equipment can be installed when the time is right.
This may mean that many hours are spent working in the initial phase of the concept design for a property.

If you would like us to consult on your upcoming project, get in contact with us, we would be happy to offer our services.