We were contacted by Ruud from Kingsriver Estate to have a look at the BeoSound 9000 CD player that is installed in the restaurant.

After visiting and booking the CD player into our service department we found out that the replacement CD mechanism is no longer available. We had recently traded in a BeoSound 9000 from another client. We discussed the option to trade in the CD player for a this newer model to keep with the design and feel of the CD player that hangs on the wall in the restaurant.

The restaurant includes a BeoSound 9000 mounted on a wall bracket horizontally with a pair of Silver BeoLab 4000 speakers either side. A stunning installation.

Bang & Olufsen have discontinued support for their CD players and thus replacement CD laser optics are no longer available from them. If you would like any support or service to your audio systems, please don’t hesitate to contact us.