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Introducing the BeoVision Harmony 88″ television

Bang & Olufsen has unveiled its most advanced television to date — the Beovision Harmony 88-inch TV, which is the world’s first 8K OLED TV and largest OLED screen ever created by LG Electronics.

The Beovision Harmony measures at two meters wide and delivers a screen quality that is four times more detailed than 4K and 16 times more than HDTV. Alongside its stunning picture quality, Bang & Olufsen equips the new TV with artificial intelligence-enabled features that are designed to bring movies and sporting events to life on the screen in your room, enabling a host of specialized features depending on the content being watched.

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 3500

Bang & Olufsen Service Call 20 August 2014

I received a call from an old client of mine to ask us if we could carry out a Bang & Olufsen service call and investigate a buzzing sound that had developed on his Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 9000 CD player with BeoLab 8000 speakers.
We visited his home where we noticed the buzz on the speakers ourselves. We found that there was lots of electrical interference from other electrical items in the room.

Bang & Olufsen Service call – Kingsriver Estate

We were contacted by Ruud from Kingsriver Estate to have a look at the BeoSound 9000 CD player that is installed in the restaurant.

After visiting and booking the CD player into our service department we found out that the replacement CD mechanism is no longer available. We had recently traded in a BeoSound 9000 from another client. We discussed the option to trade in the CD player for a this newer model to keep with the design and feel of the CD player that hangs on the wall in the restaurant.

The restaurant includes a BeoSound 9000 mounted on a wall bracket horizontally with a pair of Silver BeoLab 4000 speakers either side. A stunning installation.

Bang & Olufsen have discontinued support for their CD players and thus replacement CD laser optics are no longer available from them. If you would like any support or service to your audio systems, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Television upgrade – Clifton Apartment

When discussions began in January to plan for the upgrade of a clients Clifton Apartment to the new DSTV over Fibre Video system from Smart Village, special planning was needed to make sure that we could meet the expectations of our client. As well as making sure that the system functioned intuitively and delivered high quality picture to the three viewing environments of the apartment.

The process began when discussions with Smart Village and a visit to the apartment confirmed access to the required Fibre. (More information about the Fibre installation can be found here: Fibre Optic Installation.)

Next we had to decide on the type of televisions to use in the upgrade. Mirror Televisions were considered, but it was decided that as this apartment is not occupied full time a an alternate solution would be more appropriate. The stunning Samsung Series 8 55″ LED Televisions were my recommendation for this installation; replacing the existing Panasonic Plasma screen monitors. These 55″ LED Televisions are exactly the same size as the old Panasonic 50″ Plasmas.

We started with replacing this Plasma in the master bedroom.

The original Panasonic 50" Plasma

The original Panasonic 50″ Plasma

One of my intentions was to make the television viewable from the bed as well as from the bath. This meant checking that the new Vogels Pull & Rotate bracket was the correct choice for the Samsung LED in the master bedroom, I had to take a quick picture to confirm this.

Television turned towards the bath

The new Samsung television turned towards the bath