On the schedule this morning is completing the building of the Home Cinema Columns and then installing them.

This is a lengthy process which requires everyone to work on the columns together. The assembly process takes 4 people at a time to ensure that they are joined together correctly. Then 4 people to install each column into its correct place.

Franschhoek Cinema Columns 015

Columns prepared, ready for installation.

The object of the columns is to create a structure in the room that can accomodate any services that are required. In this room they will be covering the airconditioning ducts in the front of the room as well as the Artcoustic surround sound speakers.

The columns have a specific design according to various different aspects of the room and their application. These can include the height of the room and what equipment they are going to be installed over.

As with all elements of any cinema, the first column takes the longest to install. because the measurements are so precise and the tolerances so tight, it took us just over an hour to fit the first one into place.Franschhoek Cinema Columns 016

Once we are happy that the column is correctly installed and all extras have been installed we are ready to wrap them in fabric.

These columns will include LED lighting which will illuminate the fabric panels on the wall either side of them too.

Franschhoek Cinema Columns 017


The installed columns are a great feature to the room adding another dimension to the otherwise flat walls.

Franschhoek Cinema 040

Once the LED lights have been installed the columns become a prominent feature in the room.

Marc Picard Cinema 013