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Home Cinemas for Lock Down 2020 – Newsletter

We have recommended to our clients that they reconsider their Home Cinemas for Lock Down 2020. This is a good opportunity to carry out service work or upgrades on your home home cinema, this is our newsletter about this:

Relax in your own home cinema as winter arrives here in South Africa. Email not displaying correctly?
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Morgan Irwin in the Sunfire Home Cinema

22 April 2020

Enjoying your home technology in 2020

This year has certainly been eye-opening for us all, and as we move into winter we are being made more aware of how important it is to take care of ourselves.
Even as the lock down restrictions start to be lifted, I would encourage everyone to stay at home where possible. As it is flu season, the risk of unnecessary exposure to getting sick is heightened.

I am going to take this opportunity to recommend reconsidering your home entertainment solutions.
As you may know, I am also passionate about home cinemas and thus going to recommend a service or an upgrade on what you currently have installed to get you through the winter period.

If you were thinking about an upgrade to your home technology consider adding a simple home cinema so that you can relax and enjoy movies and series with high quality surround sound.

Artcoustic speaker upgrade 5 January 2015

We were asked by a client of ours to upgrade her surround sound system. After suggesting to her that we would colour match her speakers to the paint in her room she was very keen to go ahead.

Artcoustic Speakers 001

The rear speakers blend in perfectly. They were colour matched to the walls, here they are pictured with their standard white front covers on still.

This Artcoustic LCR is an incredible speakers and a perfect addition to any home cinema!Camps Bay 003

We will post some more photos of the upgrade once our photographer as visited for some professional photos.

Franschhoek Home Cinema Build

We have just completed this Franschhoek Home Cinema build, this is a daily breakdown of the work completed on this stunning home cinema project.

We were contacted by our good friends at Sphere Custom design and asked if we could assist them with this Franschhoek home cinema build. This home cinema which is a massive 12m long by 8m deep by 4m high has to be completed before Christmas. As we are always up for a challenge and happy to help our colleagues at Sphere Custom Design wherever possible, we agreed to assist.
The project timeline was very short with access to our home cinema room only being given to us on the 2nd of December, we had less than 21 days to complete this build and make sure it is working perfectly before Christmas.

The details below are just a short summary of the work we completed each day.

Franschhoek Cinema Build: Day 15 – Home Cinema Columns build & Installation

On the schedule this morning is completing the building of the Home Cinema Columns and then installing them.

This is a lengthy process which requires everyone to work on the columns together. The assembly process takes 4 people at a time to ensure that they are joined together correctly. Then 4 people to install each column into its correct place.