We are proud to have worked with our client during the renovation of this stunning house in Bantry Bay, Cape Town.

Our services in this house include:

Whole house network and WiFi, including 5 WiFi antennas installed across the 3 storeys of this house. The WiFi equipment installed are the UniFi AC Long Range antennas. The choice if these is for their high quality coverage, as well as the ability to remotely monitor and support them.

We have built a simple Audio & Video distribution system, which includes the following:

DSTV decoder for use on Technogym treadmill.
Deukom satellite decoder for use in Master Bedroom
Deukom satellite decoder for use in Main Lounge
Samsung BluRay player for use in Main Lounge

We have a Sonos audio system with speakers setup in the following way:

Sonos Play5 speaker in Kitchen
Sonos Connect AMP for overhead speakers in the Gym
Sonos Connect for music playback in Main Lounge

Stand-alone Geneva audio systems in Master Bedroom & Spa massage room


Date: August 1, 2018
Tags: Bang and Olufsen, Installations, WiFi