The Ultimate M&K 300 series home cinema demonstration room!

We were kindly invited to visit the demonstration home cinema of Seriously Cinema in London, UK. In the home cinema demonstration facility there are 2 Miller & Kreisel (MK Sound) home cinema rooms setup. These 2 showrooms showcase the core focus and competency of the M&K speakers.
This is the smaller of the 2 cinema rooms, focused on the 300 series speakers.

This room is laid out in a 7.6.8 Dolby Atmos / DTS:X hybrid configuration, featuring the 300 series speakers all round, with 6 x C15s subwoofers.
The front sound stage is 3 x IW300 speakers at “bed layer”
with an additional 3 x IW300 speakers as “front heights”
The surround speakers are 4 x M&K 300T on-wall Tripole speakers
The Atmos speakers are 4 x IW300
The processing of this home cinema is by a Trinnov Altitude 32 surround sound processor, with enough processing power to calibrate each subwoofer individually.
All amplification in this home cinema is Lyngdorf Audio with (6) M&K VA500 Blue subwoofer amplifiers supplying amplification for the subwoofers (1 amplifier per subwoofer)

This was an absolute first for us in our home cinema experience. The ability to listen to and experience a complete reference level M&K home cinema. Reference level describes a home cinema that is able to reproduce accurately the way that the audio was mastered in the recording studio exactly. This M&K home cinema demonstration room certainly meets and exceeds that requirement. This would also stand out as one of the more powerful home cinema rooms that we have ever been into. With enough power to effortlessly playback effects and audio around the home cinema without any stresses or fatigue.

The approach that Richard Magnus has taken with the bass response of the room is completely unique to anything that we have ever seen before.
The subwoofers are stacked 3 per side in the front left and right corners of the cinema room. This enables a significant increase in bass response from the subwoofers as they essentially “couple themselves to one-another”. What this means is that as the subwoofers work together they double their performance for each subwoofer that they are coupled to. In this instance, the subwoofer performance would essentially be tripled.
The result is that the bass is plentiful, but not overwhelming. It is tactile, with the amount of energy being produced by the 3 x 15″ subwoofers per side (left & right) being enough to shake the entire room when required, but also having the speed and precision to playback the smallest of effects through the subwoofers.
The bass from the 6 subwoofers has certainly set this M&K home cinema apart from any other home cinema that we have experienced before.


As with all of the home cinemas that feature Trinnov Surround Sound processors, the ability to setup the speakers in the room accurately goes a long way to completely mask and hide the location of the actual speakers in reality. If we did not know where the surround and surround back speakers were, we would not have been able to describe where they were or point them out. The speakers are seamlessly integrated into the cinema room for the perfect playback of any surround sound effects.

By laying out the speakers in such a way that Dolby Atmos and DTS:X can be played back in this home cinema, the ability to watch a broad selection of movies without worry of audio playback sets your mind at ease. This elevated the movie watching experience significantly.

This home cinema is a celebration of the power of Trinnov’s surround sound processing power, while showcasing why M&K speakers have been highly regarded as some of the best home cinema speakers for over 2 decades. We would highly recommend visiting this home cinema demonstration room to gain a better understanding of speaker technologies before deciding which home cinema speakers are best for your home cinema.

Date: September 22, 2022
Tags: Home Cinema