We are proud to present an easy to use, high quality media room. Completed in December 2022 with the specific request for ease of use, with a high quality audio video experience. This is more information about this Camps Bay media room in a Turnkey 365 rental property.

We have used our signature front wall construction to build out the front “screen wall” of this media room. This has enabled us to hide the electronics and equipment that enable this room to function as a type of home cinema. The speakers are hidden beneath the television, in this instance, a Sonos ARC (Dolby Atmos enabled) soundbar. This is connected to a Samsung 85″ UHD television via HDMI Arc to ensure the highest quality audio from the television. A network switch, WiFi antenna snd electrical multiplug are also hidden behind the screen wall to ensure that everything is kept neat and clean at the front of the room.
To complete the surround sound experience, we have installed a pair of Sonos One SL speakers on Vogels speaker brackets at the rear of the room. Each of these speakers have their network hard-wired back to the network switch in the front of the room to ensure complete reliability. The power cables are installed with the network cables to power these 2 speakers.

To complete the look of this home cinema the Interior Designer selected a Weylandts 4 seater sofa, as well as a pair of Weylandts Cubist sofas for the front row seating. A thick carpet was installed for a very comfortable soft flooring solution. A confectionary stand and pop-corn maker ensure that snacks are readily available in this home cinema room.

Date: December 15, 2022
Tags: Home Cinema