We present to you our latest home cinema solution. A celebration of custom installation solutions to provide our client with a technologically accurate and surprising hidden home cinema solution. This installation was completed just outside Hermauns, a small town 100km from Cape Town.

Our timeline on this exciting project started back in June 2022, with the initial discussions and considerations for what our client was looking to achieve. Once we had settled on a specification and the project scope of works, we started on-site in August 2022. The project includes a comprehensive home network & WiFi system throughout the house, as well a Sonos speaker system for background music in key locations. Project completion & handover took place in May 2023.

The technical specifications of this project include:

• A Control4 smart home controller, this enables 1 single remote control for all control aspects of the room: Turning on the system, controlling Apple TV, volume control, turning on projector, dropping projection screen, etc

Anthem AVM70 surround sound processor.
This is core of the audio & video processing, choosing which audio signals will be sent to which speakers, how the video is sent to the projector. This is where all the HDMI connections are plugged in;
• Apple TV 4k
• Blu Ray player This is where all the audio sources are plugged in;
• Sonos Port
• Linn Sondek LP12 record player

• PS Audio M700 Mono block power amplifiers for the Left & Right front speakers.
• Sherbourn 7/1250A Power Amplifier for the surround sound channels.

• Golden Ear Triton One floor standing HiFi speakers
• Golden Ear Super Center Reference center channel speaker
• M&K M40T Tripole Surround & Back speakers
• M&K IC-95 Dolby Atmos speakers
• M&K V8 subwoofers

Cinema Projector:
Epson TW9400 projector (including calibration)

Projection Screen:
SeeMax acoustically transparent, woven projection screen.
Tab Tensioned
Specially imported for this project

We brought in the professional Audio & Video calibrations services of Charl Lotter at iDetic to assist us with Calibration of this hidden home cinema.
Audio Calibration:
We started with a 2 hour Audio Calibration that included:
• Level Matching 2 x M&K V8 subwoofers
• Phase aligning the 2 x M&K V8 subwoofers
• Level Matching 2 x Triton One subwoofers Carrying out Anthem ARC room correction, refining the calibration curve, uploading, listening & re-tweaking to ensure our customers satisfaction.

Video Calibration:
Carrying out a full video calibration of the projector for Day-Time viewing as well as Night-Time viewing.
Ensuring that the colour accuracy fell within the acceptable error tolerance according to PVA video calibration specifications.
Running through the video calibration with our client to ensure his satisfaction with the results.


We are very proud with the result of this hidden home cinema solution and so is our client. The positive feedback he has given to us form his guests that have experienced this system since the installation has been completed is a true reflection of the success of this installation.

Date: May 10, 2023
Tags: Home Cinema