We have recently upgraded our clients whole house television and audio system with a centralised Crestron control system.
This includes 3 new DSTV Explora high definition decoders and a video matrix to distribute HD television picture to all televisions in the house.
Along with the new Crestron system for controlling all DSTV decoders and televisions, we have used an iPad to control the gym.

The reason for us to use an iPad to control the gym is that it allows us to carry out the following processes from a single device:

  • Switch the gym television on
  • Switch the gym amplifier on
  • Change the television to DSTV or Apple TV
  • Access the CCTV camera system
  • Change the volume of the amplifier
  • Airplay music from the iPad to the gym speaker system.

For the gym television system to work correctly we used a Denon amplifier and Monitor Audio floor standing speakers, a Monitor Audio subwoofer is installed to add to the bass of the audio.
This enables our client to be able to listen to his favourite music or television show with clear audio while working out.
The televisions throughout the house were upgraded during this process, so the television in the gym is an existing television taken from another room.

If you are looking for a home gym audio solution get in contact with us on our contact page. We would be happy to discuss a solution for you.

Date: May 15, 2014
Tags: Installations