Pigalle Restaurant in Cape Town recently contacted us to carry out a Lighting upgrade.

Pigalle Lights

Band on stage with the new lights

When it comes to lighting it is always best to consult professional lighting technicians. We worked with Marcel Zandberg from SLAVE to ensure that the correct lighting equipment was specified for this installation.
The choice of LED light rails for a light wash on the curtain behind the band was installed. The existing LED Par Cans were replaced with new units and programmed into the existing lighting console.

Pigalle Lights Upgrade progress

Pigalle Lights Upgrade progress

Once the light rails were installed the upgrade moved onto replacing all the LED Par cans. It turns out that there were three different types of LED Par cans installed, this may be due to them being old and needing replacing. The technicians that had carried out the work had not taken the correct specifications and replaced them with different brands of LED Cans.

Pigalle Lights 7

Replacing the old LED Par Cans

The combination of the LED light rails and the LED Par Cans make a great combination for lighting the curtain behind the band.

Light wash on the rear curtain

Light wash on the rear curtain

These are some photos of the upgrade that we carried out for them. Full colour control is now possible.

The new lighting is a significant upgrade from the equipment that had been installed previously to correct errors carried out by the original lighting supplier.

Old Pigalle Lighting

Previously installed lighting. Zebra & Giraffe on stage

The owner of Pigalle is very happy with the upgrade and looking forward to expanding on the new system in the coming months.


This installation was completed with SLAVE.