As South Africa see’s the crippling effects of Load Shedding in full effect, we have been investigating the best UPS solutions available for our clients to ensure working from home can continue without interruption.

On Friday the 10th of July 2020 we completely stripped down one of our recent installations to clean and then rewire all the equipment, once we had installed a new UPS to ensure backup power for the network and WiFi equipment.



The home AV and Network installation in this house includes a multiroom Sonos Audio system, Araknis network and WiFi system and a Crestron remote control system for ease of use in every room of the house. While there is a Solar and Battery Backup solution installed into the house, we chose to carry out the installation of a UPS for the critical network equipment to ensure that our client could continue to work from home no matter what Eskom throws at us.

We chose an OnLine UPS with 2KVA capacity. This UPS ensures that the equipment is always supported by the battery capacity within the UPS and is not effected by a switchover period as the power is lost from the input of the UPS (most UPS’s feed the batteries and “output stage” at the same time, meaning there is a loss in power to the “output stage” momentarily when Load Shedding starts).


At the time of writing this: since carrying out the installation, load shedding has occurred twice and the UPS has worked as expected. This is a big stress relief for us as it ensures that another client of ours can continue to work from home regardless of the load shedding situation here in South Africa.

If you would like to discuss a Load Shedding solution for your home, or just require a UPS for your network and WiFi, submit a contact request form on our website and we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you:

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