Whole House Network, WiFi, Sonos Audio & TV installation.
Featuring Control4 tv control.

The main lounge. Cabinet on the left will accomodate all home network and WiFi equipment and the Control4 smart home controller.

In October 2020 we were contacted by a colleague to take on a project that was beyond his abilities. The short introduction from him was that his client had experienced an electrical fire and needed his entire house to be gutted, refitted, rewired and prepared for handover in January 2021.

Due to the associated insurance claim, we were only appointed in late November. Instructions were issued to the electrician as early as possible, but with December being as crazy as usual, we were only able to get on site in the week before Christmas. Unfortunately, many of the conduits that had been installed for our installation were not suitable, we issued changes and only a few of them were acknowledged. Due to this, we took it upon ourselves to install the conduits that we required and then carried on with our cabling installation as planned.

Conduit installation across the roof to accomodate our CAT6 cables

New Space HD 80cm Aluminium satellite dish with black (UV rated) RG6 cable

Across 3 draw boxes to 5 rooms and the pool deck we have installed over 700 meters of CAT6 cable. This ensures that all network connected equipment is plugged straight into the network and nor reliant on WiFi.


Daniel drilling through from the main lounge to our outside draw box


Our CAT6 cabling installation. Referred to as Rainbow Spaghetti

All CAT6 network cables installed into the cabinet. Rainbow Spaghetti termination location.


When completed this project will feature 3 televisions with Control4 remote controls, 5 Zones of Sonos including the Pool Deck, 2 WiFi antennas taking care of the house WiFi.

We are very proud of how the cabling installation has turned out, with all cabling colour co-ordinated to ensure no installation errors and aid in any future service calls.

If you require a home network & WiFi upgrade, or are looking to add some WiFi speakers to your house in 2021, get in contact. We would be happy to assist!