We have recently completed this Clifton Bungalow tv installation. This is more information about this stunning project and our involvement in completing this work.

One of our clients recently renovated his Clifton bungalow. He asked if we could please ensure that all televisions were installed correctly in the newly renovated bungalow, as well as install a new network system with wifi access points.

A neat equipment rack was installed with service loops for all cabling for ease of removal from the cabinet for any future upgrades, equipment changes or general service. Three new DSTV Explora 2 decoders are installed to ensure that all televisions receive Full HD video from them. The distribution of the High Definition video is possible by use of PHD HDMI extenders.

All televisions are mounted on Vogels wall brackets, in the following orientations:

  • Flush mount wall bracket in lounge
  • Single arm turned bracket in master bedroom
  • Double arm pull and turn bracket in the bar

The Wifi installation covers the bungalow including the front entertainment area and is taken care of by two Ubiquiti AC – Pro wifi access points.


By working closely with the builder during the renovation process we were able to install suitable conduits and the correct cabling to ensure that the HD distribution to the televisions was possible.


If you require the installation of a tv in your home, please head through to our Contact Us page and complete our contact form. We would be happy to get in contact with you to discuss your requirements.