• The room which will become a cinema.

  • Accurate ceiling layout to work from.

  • Pre-made projection screen frame.


Mirror Edge Networks is proud to have been involved with this Franschhoek Dolby Atmos Home Cinema Build. We were involved in all stages of this home cinema build that lasted just 1 month and delivered a stunning home movie watching experience for this lucky customer. The Franschhoek Home Cinema Build took place in December 2014, this is more information about the build process and the equipment installed into this home cinema.

This is a brief summary of the project accompanied by some photos. If you would like detailed information about the installation process, please visit our blog post about it: Blog: Franschhoek Home Cinema Build

The key points of this home cinema are as follows:

The Dolby Atmos home cinema is built above a 3 car garage, dimensions that we started with are: 12m deep x 8m wide x 4m wide (excluding projection room). This is a great size home cinema and we built it up as follows:
A bulkhead surrounding the room is the aesthetic base of the ceiling structure. We installed a custom built acoustic ceiling which is hung from the concrete ceiling slab. The acoustic ceiling boards that we installed are custom manufactured here in Cape Town by Acoustic Solutions and cut to size on site. The acoustic ceiling boards are are simply finished in a a primer and top coat of matt black paint so that they are not reflective.

The construction of the side walls are drywall with mineral fibre insulation. Specialist air-conditioning technicians installed the ducts for the fresh airflow into the room before we completed the side drywall construction. This enabled us to ensure they are hidden from view with no engineering work required at a later stage to conceal them. The vertical fresh air ducts are housed in the front columns of the home cinema.

Once the drywall and ceiling has been installed the projection screen wall is built. This home cinema features a 6m wide projection screen!

The staging for the home cinema seats is built out of timber. We prefer this method of building the home cinema staging as it allows us to use it acoustically in the room. It also enables us to run cabling through to the seats for anything that we might need (plugs for lights, HDMI cables for PlayStations, etc).

Once the staging and drywalling construction is completed, we can carry out the installation of our acoustic fabric walls. A design element that we prefer in our cinemas is to hide equipment and acoustic treatment behind fabric walls so that the home cinema is clean and tidy.

We are now ready to carry out the installation of the electronics into the home cinema to complete the 15 channel Dolby Atmos surround sound experience. The equipment is as follows:



  • 3 Artcoustic SL 180-43 speakers (Left / Centre / Right)
  • 4 Artcoustic SL 24-12 (surrounds and surround back)
  • 6 Artcoustic Architect 4-2 SL in-ceiling speakers (Dolby Atmos)
  • 4 Artcoustic Control 3 Subwoofer




This home cinema is a Dolby Atmos 7.1.6 configuration. All processing is handled by the Trinnov Altitude 32-16 processor, which caters for: Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro3D, which means that our client will be able to enjoy any movies with the best quality surround sound experience.

Once all the electronics are installed, the audio calibration process took 2 days to complete with the projector setup and calibration taking 1 day to complete.

To summarise, we carried out the following work on this Franschhoek Home Cinema:

  • Drywalling Installation
  • Ceiling structure build and installation
  • Acoustic ceiling installation
  • Projection screen framing installation
  • Stage decking build and installation
  • Carpet Installation
  • Fabric track framing and track installation
  • Fabric walling installation
  • Speaker installation
  • Column installation
  • LED lighting installation
  • Snags and Calibration

This project took the whole month of December (1st to the 24th) with contractors working over weekends to ensure that trades outside of our expertise were completed professionally.|
We are very proud of this project and are already looking forward to the next one.

If you have any questions about this Franschhoek Home Cinema or would like us to build a cinema for you, please head through to our Contact Us page and complete a contact request form so that we can start discussing a cinema solution for you!

Date: January 1, 2015
Tags: Home Cinema, Installations