Trinnov Home Cinema

Home cinema surround sound has become more advanced and dynamic than ever before. Trinnov Home Cinema are producing the worlds leading surround sound processors and amplifiers.
With the introduction of multiple 3D surround sound formats in the past few years the challenge to cater for the needs of home cinema clients has become more and more advanced.

Trinnov Altitude 32 Home Cinema processor

Trinnov Audio have been at the forefront of developing the Altitude range of surround sound processors that are focused on decoding the surround sound formats and playing them back precisely into the choice of speaker layout that you have chosen in your room.

As well as featuring Trinnov room optimisation to ensure that the response of the speakers, alignment of the speakers, and spacial layout of the speakers is all perfectly set for your home cinema.

Surround sound home cinema formats

As the 3 leading 3D surround sound formats have different speaker layouts to suit their needs, your Trinnov Altitude processor with decode them and ensure that the correct audio is played back through your chosen speaker configuration.

Surround sound home cinema formats

From Trinnov’s website:

“We shaped the Altitude32 to ensure an undisputed leadership in 3D sound, leaving nothing to chance: high channel count, huge processing capabilities to meet the highest technical requirements, and exclusive patented technologies to unleash the full potential of immersive sound, regardless of formats and speaker layouts, turning the Altitude32 into a real 3D sound virtuoso and a reference for many years to come.”

When we consider the possibilities available to us while using the Trinnov surround sound processor in home cinema installations, it is easy to see why our clients are incredibly pleased with the way the system performs. We would highly recommend the Trinnov processor to anyone that is interested in taking their home cinema up to the next level!

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