Control4 & Sonos installation – Fresnaye Cape Town.

An absolute labour of love for an incredible client. This project began in late November 2020 as this house needed a complete technology overhaul. Although we don’t traditionally do the conducting work on our projects, this house started with us knuckling down and installing conduits for all of our cabling installation.

We were then able to install a HD video distribution system using HDAnywhere HDMI cables & HDMI Extenders for:

∙ DSTV on 4 televisions
∙ 2 x Apple TV’s

All controlled by Control4 home control system.

We installed multiple Sonos speakers to ensure music listening throughout the house including:
∙ Sonos ARC & One SL speakers in small lounge
∙ Sonos Beam & One SL in main lounge
∙ Sonos One SL speakers on the pool patio
∙ Sonos One SL in the study

To complete this home technology upgrade we installed an Araknis network with UniFi WiFi Antennas to ensure high speed WiFi with our trusted remote management software for absolute internet reliability.

All televisions & Sonos speakers installed on Vogels wall mount brackets to ensure installation accuracy and peace of mind that these speakers and televisions will remain fixed to the walls for years to come.

For more information about this installation or if you would like to schedule a consultation for your own installation like this, get in contact. We would be happy to help.

Date: April 21, 2021
Tags: Installations