We are proud to have been appointed to carry out the installation of the audio system for Cheyne Morrisby in his new restaurant, Shio.

Shio is located in De Waterkant, Cape Town. Its an Asian Fusion restaurant with the most incredible flavours imaginable. It was a true honour to be contacted by him to install audio in yet another restaurant for him.

From the outset our discussion with Cheyne was to make sure that the audio system features high quality audio and that it should offer an even audio level across the whole restaurant.
Our choice of audio for this restaurant audio system was a pair of B&W AM1 speakers mounted in the corners of the main dining room.
The discrete speaker installation ensures that there is no impact on the room visually.

Overall the installation is discreet and the sound fills the room with high quality background music.

As we say, we are proud of this installation and we wish Cheyne all the best for his new restaurant!

Date: November 17, 2016
Tags: Installations