We have recently moved into our new office in Kenilworth. As any respectable Audio Video company would need, we have setup a surround sound demonstration room in our lounge.

At the heart of the surround sound system, we have 2 important AV components:

  • NAD T787 Surround Sound AVR. This is a power house amplifier that is more than capable of delivering high quality power to almost all surround sound speakers.
  • Apple TV. Streaming videos and music has become a standard in any home entertainment installation these days. With this in mind we chose the simplest way to demonstrate our surround sound system. With the recent introduction of Apple TV 4k this will remain our standard for any home surround sound installations.

The installation features a pair of Jamo C97 speakers as the front left and right. A M&K MP7 as the centre channel speaker. The surround sound speakers are a unique set of M&K 950f floor standing speakers. For Low Frequency Effects (LFE) we are using a Jamo J110sub subwoofer. This is an excellent subwoofer that, while even running at 30% power, is a perfect subwoofer for this size room.

The television is a Samsung 55″ MU5100 wall mounted onto a custom manufactured high gloss white television panel. The reason for the television panel is for clean, professional cable management, creating a high quality look that anyone can imagine in their own lounge.

As this is a demonstration room, we will be changing the specifications of this setup from time to time, the most notable will be to implement front wall mounted speakers as our LCR (Left / Centre / Right) as opposed to the front floor standing speakers. The speakers we have in mind are the M&K MP7’s as the left and right speakers, with the M&K MP9 as the centre channel speaker.
When we upgrade our front speakers we will be changing our surrounds to M&K MP7 speakers and introducing a pair of M&K MP7 speakers as surround back (rears) to complete the 7.1 surround sound setup.

We would encourage you to check back at this portfolio post from time to time to see this room evolve into the surround sound setup of our preference, time permitting.

Date: October 8, 2018
Tags: Installations