We service and maintain this Bang & Olufsen installation completed in the Waterfront Marina in 2008.

This Bang & Olufsen BeoLink installation features two BeoVision 7 – 32 televisions, BeoVision 8 – 26, BeoLab 3500 and BeoMedia 1 media server.
Audio is taken care of via BeoLab 6000 speakers, BeoLab 4’s and of course the BeoLab 3500 link speaker.

Service and maintenance includes insuring that the DSTV installation is kept up to date, the BeoLink MasterLink system is maintained and the remotes are kept programmed correctly. The reason for our service contract is due to the frequent rental of this stunning apartment.


Date: August 30, 2018
Tags: Bang and Olufsen, Service and Maintenance