The Trinnov processors ability to calibrate the surround sound reproduction for different seating configurations at the click of 1 button is a unique feature that really sets it apart in the Home Cinema processor market.
This is one of the reasons why we are big fans of Trinnov and would always look to recommend their use in our projects to our clients.


The ability to remap the speaker configuration to the best possible format in relation to the seating position within a cinema is of critical importance in a home cinema.
When the primary seating position is the center of the home cinema, the acoustic properties of the room will be different to when there are 8 people in the cinema seated in 2 seating rows. For this reason the Trinnov Altitude processor can measure the response of the room and the response of the speakers within the room at the different seating locations within the cinema and allow for greater seating flexibility.

We would always recommend a Trinnov Altitude processor for home cinemas as this will provide you with the best audio possible.

If you would like to learn more about Trinnov Altitude home cinema processor, get in contact. We would be happy to assist.