We were called out to a new client in Tokai today, with a few small but tiresome problems. The first problem that we had to deal with was the installation and setup of the HDMI over CAT6 Transmitter / Receiver units. We were unable to get a constant signal across the CAT6 cable. After closer inspection, we found that the termination was not done well which was causing connection issues on the transmitter.

Once that was sorted out we were tasked with completing the DSTV installation. The setup was a standard installation, a SD Pvr decoder with a new Explora DSTV decoder. Our client had installed all the cabling himself but requested that we checked the terminations to make sure that they were all correct. Lastly was resolving the DSTV Heartbeat problem. This was a fairly quick process, installing a DC block into the installation as the RF output of the SD Pvr decoder are being distributed to another room of the house.

Lastly we installed IR Emitters onto the equipment as it is all housed in a cabinet out of the way of the lounge. We once again used aluminium foil tape to secure the emitters to the devices and to reduce emitter interference with any other devices.

The service call was simple, but tricky due to the issues caused by the poor quality termination on the CAT6 cable and DSTV’s usual configuration requirements. Once everything was up and running we had a very happy customer, who was only too happy to show us some of his horses which he keeps near by.

DSTV Service Call 10 July copy