Today on our DSTV Service call we noticed a strange fault with a clients DSTV Satellite system. The fault on the system seemed simple: The single view decoder would boot up, but once it had booted the channels would not receive a feed from the satellite dish except for the program information. After our client had called MultiChoice and swopped out the decoder for a new one, she called us in to trouble shoot the problem.

The setup is an Extra-View setup: A High Definition decoder in the main lounge with a Single View decoder in the gym. A pair of coax cables link the satellite dish to a multi-switch, which then splits the cables out to the two decoders.

We found that there was a problem with the installation and replaced the multi-switch and LNB. We were surprised that only the single view decoder showed any problems as usually the High Definition decoders are more susceptible to interference or issues with the LNB. Thankfully it was a quick service call and now all is back up and working again. Our client is very happy that she can gym and watch television.

Cape Town DSTV Satellite Dish with LNB

DSTV Satellite Dish with LNB