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DSTV Service callout Camps Bay – 5 September 2018

Quick DSTV service call in this stunning Camps Bay property. Clearing the hard drive and ensuring all frequencies are set correctly for DSTV Multiview.

As this is a holiday rental property often guests record shows on the DSTV PVR function. If the hard drive capacity on these decoders reaches maximum, then the decoders often slow down or freeze.

Samsung UHD Television Installation

Installation of a Samsung UHD television in Bantry Bay.

We have just completed the installation of a Samsung Ultra High Definition (UHD) Television for a client of ours in Bantry Bay. This required a bit of background work planning for the installation including the upgrade to the DSTV installation.

DSTV HD Decoder Upgrade

We have spent the day at one of our old clients upgrading their installation to High Definition.

DSTV HD Decoder Upgrade

DSTV HD Decoder Upgrade

While this is a simple installation, various challenges need to be remembered for upgrading to High Definition. The existing installation in this apartment used a Dual View Standard Definition PVR decoder.
The video signal for the second television is sent to the master bedroom over RG6 Coax cable. This cabling was installed into the apartment when the apartment block was being built.

This has created some challenges for installing the correct cabling to insure that this upgrade is possible.

Understanding DSTV High Definition Expansion

DSTV have announced that they are expanding their High Definition offering.
This is an introduction to the changes in the DSTV High Definition offering.

To understand this we have summarised it as follows:

Each DSTV package has access to different channels. To date, each package contains channels which are available in Standard Definition, as well as High Definition. If you are using a High Definition decoder connected to a High Definition television you will have access to the High Definition channels which are offered on your package.