Home Cinema Projection Screen Framing: The Franschhoek cinema room is now ready for the construction and installation of the front Home Cinema Projection Screen Framing for the projection screen and masking system.

The framing is assembled and bolted together on the ground to ensure that all joints are made at the correct angle and strong enough to accomodate Screen Excellence projection screen.
The projection screen is 6 meters by 2.5 meters and is acoustically translucent, this means the sound produced by the Artcoustic Left, Centre, Right speakers wont be effected by the projection screen.

Pre-made projection screen frame.

Pre-made projection screen frame.

The frame is them secured to the floor and ceiling bulkhead. This has to be perfectly level and vertical to ensure that the image is projected accurately.

Franschhoek Cinema 017

As a perspective, this is a 6 foot ladder next to the projection screen frame.

The next frame is then assembled and installed. The electronically controlled masking system will be mounted to the rear side of this frame. Fabric panels to professionally finish the front of this cinema will be mounted to the front of this frame.

Franschhoek Cinema Front Framing 001

The cinema is now ready for painting. The ceiling, ceiling bulkhead, front wall and front framing need to be painted black to ensure that they don’t reflect any light.